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Girls STEM Institute (GSI)

Girls STEM Institute (GSI) provides girls of color, traditionally marginalized in STEM fields, an opportunity to develop an understanding of mathematics and other STEM concepts in a meaningful and culturally grounded context. Within GSI’s rich, rigorous, relevant, and ​supportive​ context, young ladies have the freedom to grow ​interpersonally ​and ​intellectually.



GSI provides girls ages 9-18 an opportunity to develop an understanding of mathematics and other STEM concepts in a meaningful and culturally grounded context. 


To transform communities by empowering young girls of color to become leaders, innovators, and educators who use STEM as a tool for personal and social change.


Girls STEM Institute is open and available to all individuals, regardless of gender or race.  



We are in the process of developing a new and improved volunteer opportunities program. Please continue to check back for updates. 


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Founder and Executive Director

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Dr. Crystal Morton is an Associate Professor of mathematics education at Indiana University Indianapolis (IUI) and Past-President of the Benjamin Banneker Mathematics Association. Her passion for providing Black girls and young women transformative learning experiences drives her research, teaching, and service. Focusing on the mathematics and personal development of Black girls and young women, Dr. Morton founded Girls STEM Institute. Girls STEM Institute aims to transform communities by empowering Girls of Color to become leaders, innovators, and educators, who use STEM as a tool for personal and social change.

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WHY GIVE to Girls STEM Institute?

  1. Only two percent of scientists and engineers are Black women.

  2. The percentage of women of color – particularly Black and Hispanic workers – in the industry stands at single digits. Within a decade, America will be short 1 million STEM professionals.

  3. African American girls only represent 5% of AP math and science students, but 8% of those enrolled in basic mathematics and science classes.

  4. Educational professionals steer African American girls away from rigorous math and science courses in high schools.


STEM Institute Goals

Girls STEM Institute strives to change these statistics by providing young ladies of color an opportunity to engage with rigorous and relevant mathematics and other STEM concepts in an environment that will not only support their academic development but their emotional and social development.  Our goal is to increase the flow of underrepresented groups to upper-level mathematics courses as well as other STEM-related degrees and careers.

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STEM Institute (GSI)

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